How to Make Mad Scientist Jars DIY Halloween Decorations

How to Make Mad Scientist Jars DIY Halloween Decorations – What used to be a must-have ornament during Halloween, mad scientist jar is not particularly popular these days. Now that everyone seems to forget how scary these jars can be, it is time to bring back the terror. Best of all, you can actually make them using some simple materials and tools instead of purchasing ready-made ones.

How to Make Mad Scientist Jars DIY Halloween Decorations
How to Make Mad Scientist Jars DIY Halloween Decorations

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is rushing to get proper decorations and ornaments to get a spooky look during the party. You can get almost anything you want online these days, but it would make you feel much better to decorate your home with something of your own creation. Most DIY Halloween decorations are not that difficult to make and they do not require any specialized skill. Anybody including children and adults can work together and build fun entertaining Halloween crafts activities to encourage teamwork, develop creativity, and of course save money. One of the easiest Halloween themed ornaments is mad scientist jar.

Here is how.

What You Need

  • Glass jars – preferably ones you don’t use anymore
  • Black paint (spray paint is better)
  • Wax metallic finishes
  • Doll heads, plastic toys, fake bugs
  • Food coloring and water
  • Measuring cup
  • Stir stick – any stick will do
  • Ink pad
  • Tags
  • String
  • Scissors


  1. Make sure the jars and lids are clean. You may need to wash them with soap and wipe the water clean beforehand. Paint the lid with black color – this task would be more quickly done if you use spray paint. To get the aged look, apply wax metallic finishes to the surface of each lid.
  2. Pour just enough water into the measuring cup to fill up a jar. Drop a tiny amount of food coloring and stir the mixture well. If you have multiple jars, have the freedom to play with colors. Find perfect ratio of water and food coloring to get the color intensity you want.
  3. Before you pour the colored-water into the jar, place a plastic toy, fake bug, or doll head first. If needs be, you can apply glue and position the toy in the right spot. You can also use any scary little stuff you can find around the house. Never take live animals for this purpose.
  4. Once you get the toy in the right position, pour the water into the jar and screw the lid tightly.
  5. To make things even better, tie a tag to each jar using the string.

Your DIY Halloween decoration is now ready. The combination between colored-water and lighting will make an even better thrilling effect.