How to Make a Derby Day Hat Craft DIY Tutorial

How to Make a Derby Day Hat Craft DIY Tutorial – This year’s Kentucky Derby has passed, but it is never too late to encourage your kids to do some paper craft projects and create their own derby hats for fun. A derby hat is made of hard felt and features dome-shaped crown. In many respects, the overall form factor is almost exactly the same as beach hat. With just a tiny bit of creativity, even your kids can turn a beach hat into a derby hat in no time. When done, kids can keep the hat as decoration in their rooms or wear it for a selfie craze.

Derby Day Hat DIY
Derby Day Hat DIY

Having a DIY room décor brings satisfying effect to every kid. It is like a trophy awarded for their playfulness and creativity. And because the hat used for the project is ready made, it does not seem that things can go entirely wrong. Children can pour their creative minds and active hands into the project without hesitations. Here is how to transform a beach hat into a derby hat, the easy way.


  • Black beach hat
  • Fake flowers
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins


  1. Find a beach hat you no longer use, preferable one in black color. If there are some ornaments attached to hat, remove it carefully in a way that it does not damage the hat in any way. Beach hat is actually not that expensive, so you can just go buy one or two in the nearest stores.
  2. Buy some fake flowers made of plastic from dollar store. Fake flowers have stems, so you have to cut them off leaving the plastic base.
  3. Pierce across the plastic base with safety pins. Repeat the process for as many flowers as you want.
  4. Pin the flowers on the hat. Some flowers are more decorative than others. You can even combine several flowers one side of the hat to get that classy look.

Make Your Own Flowers

Another way to do this is by making your own flowers out of paper. You don’t need to go overboard and create accurate details. It is a paper craft for kids, so go easy on them and let their ideas flow. Here is how to make the flowers.


  • A pile of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Glue

Method 1 –draw a simple two-dimensional flower with at least five petals on the paper. Use paper of different colors to create a distinguishable look. As mentioned earlier, even simple rough shapes of flowers will do. Cut the paper following the outline of the flowers. Use glue to attach the flower to the hat. The end result will look much more modest than using ready-made fake flowers.

Method 2 –draw some petal-shaped pieces on the paper. You need at least five petals to make a single good-looking flower. The good thing about the method is that a flower can be arranged of different colored petals. Cut the paper following the petals’ outlines you drew earlier. Draw some small circles on a piece of paper and cut them off. These circles will be used as the center of the flowers. It is preferable to use yet another color to make good contrast. Arrange the petals to make the shape of a flower and glue them together. Finally stack a small circle on the center of the arrangement. You can add a small bead right in the center for decorative effect. Once the flowers are ready, glue them to the hat.

As your kids are getting more proficient at drawing and creating flowers, you can encourage them to make flowers arrangements out of paper and use the creations for decorations. Once again, a DIY room décor is always nice addition to bring playful mood for your kids. They will try to do some other paper craft projects and even learn to decorate their rooms.