About Us

Technological advances have given us everyday practicality and improvements in economy, but at the same time they marginalize crafts to a great extent. We see traditional crafts simply as parts of cultural heritage and symbolic forms of history when they are in fact inseparable necessities for quality life. Educational systems in developed countries have long abandoned craftsmanship on the curriculum in favor of conceptual innovation, but now we see a growing awareness of the importance of handicraft skills that focus on creativity and authenticity.

Arts and designs are now making a comeback into formal education. Within this context, those subjects encourage and support personal, cultural, spiritual, moral, and creative developments in students; all of which are essential to ensure the ability to improve their chances of success in later stages of life and creating economic opportunities.

CraftyLikeAFox.com is home to a great collection of homemade arts to supplement the needs for creative ideas for kids and adults alike.